Monday, January 10, 2011

What’s so Kochi about the Kochi IPL Team?

The title for this blog post might sound blasphemous for most folks out there in Kochi where I was born and brought up. But what is common between Kochi IPL team and Kochi besides  the name ? Hardly anything apparently. Lets check out the owners of the Kochi IPL team

Parinee Developers: Mumbai based Real Estate and construction company.

Anchor Earth: Anchor is one of the largest manufacturer in the world for electrical switches and accessories. They certainly have got nothing to do with Kerala or Kochi except for the fact that their products are well known and sold across this part of the country as well.

Rendezveous Sports World Pvt Ltd:  Err..ever heard of them before ?

Film Waves Combine - An investment company of Dubai based Mr. Harshad Mehta.

Anand Shyam Estates - Part of the Sur Gems group, with a global presence and primary interests in the diamond industry

Vivek Venugopal -  The only true blue Keralite in the whole gang.Scion of the Elite Group of industries, an FMCG player in the south Indian market, with leadership; also part of the Medimix group of hygiene products.

Well…what about the players ?  We managed to have one player Sreesanth, yes, one player out of 17 from Kochi/Kerala. Leaves me wondering what’s so Kochi about Team Kochi !

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