Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Time to Change Your Sun Sign

Remember those cards, key chains and other such paraphernalia surrounding Zodiac signs which we used to get for Birthdays when we were kids? Well, that’s how I came to know that I was a Cancerian. Many Libra's, Virgos, Aries and others also came to know what they were or what they were supposed to be.

What you thought you were based on your sun sign is about to change with the advent of  Ophiuchus. . Go clean your tongue and try once again at pronouncing the name. Coz if Park Kunkle were to be believed, this Sun Sign is here to stay thanks to a change in the way the Earth is aligned today than it was in 3000 BC. To whose of you who are wondering “Park Who?”, he is a teacher at the Minneapolis Community and Technical College with a keen interest  in astronomy and is an active member of the Minnesota Planetarium Society. As a result of this discovery which Kunkle claims was known all this while to astronomers since 130 BC , the rest of the Signs have moved on to different dates.

You can check out the supposedly new dates here: The New Zodiac Dates

I can imagine the horror on the faces of people who take signs seriously and have believed in them all this while only to know that their Zodiac Signs are going to be different from now. Children when exposed to typical characteristics of each of the Star signs could even begin to model their behavior subconsciously along those lines.This means I will have to live with the fact that I am about to change from being ‘Emotional, Romantic, Compassionate and Caring’ to ‘Thirst for knowledge, May not have gift of gab but are usually good writers, appear mysterious or detached to others. Quite a change that is :- )

And what of permutation combinations of ‘Ideal matches’ which give some teenage couples a good excuse to think that they are made for each other.  What do those people do when they find out about the mismatch thanks to the Sign change? Well......ahem...........errr.....as the Fast track ad says: “Move on “.


  1. I am my old zodiac even with the changed scheme of things!

    Not that I ever took this stuff seriously, I guess it's a sign that I should. ^_^

  2. See Amropali, that's exactly what i said. People begin to get so attached with certain behavioral characteristics of their respective Zodiac signs, that they would find it hard to accept anything else on that now.

    Just a suggestion: Don't take this stuff seriously. Thanks for reading my post.