Thursday, January 13, 2011

One Differentiating Factor In Retail

Today, I found out the difference between two retail stores belonging to Indian retail giants. This is not something that is part and parcel of the overall culture at that store. But if one individual could make that difference , then the store stands to benefit from guaranteed repeat visits.

      Want to know what the crucial differentiating factor is between the stores ?

Yep...t'was just an innocent smile and a genuine "Are you doing fine sir ?" which tilted my favor towards this store. A simple smile could serve that purpose which needs to be genuine of course. You dont need a Phd in Psychology to discern a fake smile from a genuine one.  Its a subconscious process.

Its a pleasure being at a place where you feel treated with warmth and respect.Nobody wishes to see a grumpy looking billing clerk at the end of a long and tiring day. To those of you who think that billing clerks are also humans and they too have had a long and tiring day..heres my point: When you are in a service environment/industry , it is the duty of the supervisor/team lead/store in charge to ensure that the team is always pepped up and exhibiting high levels of energy at work. Only then can they show concern for customers.

If my choice towards this particular store is based on just one friendly face there, imagine the difference it would make to me as a customer if majority of the employees at the store behave in the same manner.