Tuesday, January 18, 2011

20 serious people required !

I shudder to think what the quality of the training would be like at ‘Our leading multinational company’. This poster was found at a telephone booth (Yes, they still exist) near my house which happens to be a busy commercial area and a hub for wannabe immigrants to the US of A ! And this is not the only such banner or poster I have seen here.

A rudimentary search on Google with the keywords “English Training institutes in Hyderabad” throws up 5,63,000 results. I wonder what’s been taught at these so called training institutes which have mushroomed by the dozen .Some of the IT training institutes have even started off classes on their own in English and communication skills ( Soft skills) with the intent of having a diversified revenue stream. Talk about expanding value propositions……Hmmmm !

And now, here is a no nonsense primer to start your own Soft skills school without any VC funding.
  • Rent out a portion of a building or apartment and stuff ‘em with sparse second hand furniture.
  • Buy that suit before the season sale is over. The darker, the better. You will be perceived as a ‘serious’ teacher.
  • Christen a nice British name for your institute such as Atkins School of communication or Bailey. Should sound very upper crest.
  • Download a few power point slides on communication/Time management/Goal setting from the net and do remember to always change the fonts.
  • Tie up with one of those DTP guys for some beautifully laminated course completed certificates liberally laced with typical British insignia to give an international feel for the whole thing.
                               Voila  …. You are all Ready to Rock!


  1. Your method of bringing up serious issues with light humour is very good..Keep blogging..